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Combat Marksmanship Course CMMS

Duration: 2 days

Intensive shooting training built by former US Special Delta Force and Navy Seals agents.
This program concentrates on the basic principles of marksmanship, allowing you to carry out effective combat practicing with different weapons in multiple situations and environments. The techniques taught in the program will concede an internally coherent system.
The course includes all aspects of tactical shooting for special forces units such as:

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CMMS - Course complete
Duration: 2 weeks
  • Individual shooting skills: assault rifle and pistol
  • team shooting skills
  • weapon malfunction
  • tactical reload
  • shooting on the move
  • tactical communications
  • tactical movement
  • Shooting from different shooting positions (kneeling, squatting and to the ground)
  • Shoot at different distances and learn points of impact.
  • Transition from right shoulder to left, shooting left grip, shooting from / behind cover
  • Red dot shot