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Tactical & anti-terrorism

Latin America Tactical Academy

Why us?

Experience, knowledge, and tactics are three words that describe our proposal. Our team is formed by specialists who have gained experience while serving in military and police special units, participating in military missions and anti-terrorist activities in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Poland, and Israel. You will be instructed by not only experienced operators of special units but by instructors with methodological preparation. We are prepared to transfer the knowledge and tactics during training for any real situation.

Who do we train?

Our civilian course is based on handling firearms, self-defense, crisis negotiations, anti-kidnapping, and first aid. A course where you will gain knowledge of personal and family safety. Whether you want to learn how to take care of yourself or your family, our specialists are ready to adapt the training program to your needs. Contact us

Law enforcement and security training. This course is conducted by experienced instructors, former police and secret service officers that can comprehensively prepare officers to perform their duties. As part of our course, we offer training in the field of gunner training, tactics and techniques of intervention, high-risk detention, operational techniques, pre-medical assistance as well as physical and mental preparation for official service. Contact us for more information.

Training for military units. Our course is conducted by former officials of special units and instructors with years of experience gained during missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. Our program includes training in the field of shooting, green, black, and red tactics, hand-to-hand combat, knife combat, small unit tactics, and direct actions on land in water and air.