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VCQB – Vehicle

Duration: 2 days

The objective of the course is to teach students how to work correctly with short and long weapons while driving in a car. This applies to both defensive and offensive situations. Training program:

  • Overview of penetration zones in the car, specifying the types of weapons and ammunition. (exercise with a car accident and mannequins. Mannequins in the seats and We shot the car with different calibers. Injury analysis, etc…).
  • Arrangement of weapons and shooters in the car. The different variants depend on the type. behaviour.
  • Rules for using the car as a barrier. Division into armored and unarmored vehicles.
  • Contact outside the car.
  • How to maintain a stable position in the car while driving and parking. Version for passenger and driver.
  • Shots from a moving car. Passenger and driver. Move back slalom. Short and long weapon.
  • Moving car. Preparation to break the lock. Shooters (shooter) shoot forward. Shoot at rapidly changing targets.
  • Shots from different shooting positions (kneeling, crouching and on the ground).
  • 4-5 shooters in the car. Three-sided fire cover.
  • CAT Tactics (Counter Assult Team) Quick entry covering the attacked object, fire shielding, evacuation.
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